Monday, September 12, 2011

Art of the Mind

I love rain.  It inspires me and distracts me.  I love to hear the sound of it pounding against the window and the deck.  I love being outside in the pouring rain, feeling so replenished as the heavens surround me.  So far as I have been writing I have been listening to a lot of rain sounds on youtube.  It helps keep me concentrating and that way I can drown out the talking or any noise really from the rest of my building.  I also listen to Bella's Lullaby a lot.  I love the sad and inevitable power that comes from deep within, as I listen to that lullaby. 

So far in my writing I have gotten about 3 rough draft chapters done.  Now since I feel good about the amount I have I am going to go back in and rewrite them.  I want to make sure they are focused enough and not straying from the point of my book.  I plan on this taking me a few days.  I have been so busy with work and school lately.  I am a full-time student and I work part-time in an Elementary school.  So basically homework Never seems to escape my side.  Although at least I am taking two really fun classes.  Elementary Chinese and Art (Drawing and Painting).  I like these classes so much because it allows me to express myself through areas that I love.  I am very excited for next semester too, where I plan on taking a Creative Writing course.  If I get in good with the teacher I am going to ask her to read what is hopefully a finished story!

Wish me luck!  And to all of you, A Great Day!
Kelley Lee

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