Sunday, April 22, 2012


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hunger Games Name

I refuse to go to the movie, but I can't refuse getting a Hunger Games name and result.

So I am Aimee Flickerman, from district 12 and apparently was taken out by unknown causes. I think that pretty much means I faked my death and escaped! Woot, woot! Hurrahs for me!

If you would like your random name and random death here is the link: Hunger Games Names

There you will find your name and also a random cause of death. Apparently they were not optomistic of your chances of winning so you will die! Yay, for seeing the glass half full!

On a side note away from the topic of my stellar name up there, I decided to give my book a makeover as the lovely and talented Theresa pointed out to me that if I wrote from alternating perspectives my book could be brought to the next level. So I have gone back to change and revamp. It is an exciting start and I am looking forward to doing it. It will be a lot of work but I think it will be very worth while! Thanks, Theresa!!!

Happy Reading!

Also good luck on your hunger games names! You should post your result, I'd love to read what others got.

Kelley Lee

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day

Yes, it is one of those days. The ones we prayed for as kids, when we were dragged out of bed in the morning by our parents or in my case the alarm. Sadly, being Twenty *cringe* (I am still having trouble adjusting) it doesn't hold the same effect it used to. Although adults can still have fun right!

I am currently dog-sitting my best friend's dog. So today, after waking up to find i didn't have work or class, we went for a walk in knee deep snow. It was a lot of fun and a great work out. My friend's dog, Villa, is in love with the snow so she had a blast, as did I.

On the walk I was fortunate to see a giant igloo being made. It was pretty awesome. All over the place there were people using brooms to try and locate there cars as they dusted around. Happily, it is not over yet. We are getting even more snow now. I don't even know if I can get my car free it is so packed in there.

At six this morning there was six inches of snow covering my car. My car is white so it was completely invisible. It was really awesome. By the time I got in my car it was warm because I had started it while wiping it off. (That's just how long it took to brush off.)

So what is there to do on a snow day exactly. My typical nothing to do day goes like this...
1. Read
2. Write
3. Have TV on in the background
4. Walk the dog.
5. Order pizza (because there is no way you are going to drive in that snow jungle to get something to eat.)
6. Go on Goodreads and find a creative writing book that sounds interesting and read it.
7. Watch Friends from 3-5 on TBS
8. Get bummed when it is over and wish you were at home with your collection of Friends seasons so you could watch it.
9. Plan on editing your friends chapter that you promised to get back to her YESTERDAY
10. Drink pop because it is the only thing at your friends house that is drinkable.
11. Update your blog!

Well that is it what I have done today. For tonight I have only three things on my list. I have to edit my friends chapter, finish writing chapter nine of my novel, and then play Soul Caliber V.

That is right, I am in Chapter 9. I know last time I wrote I was only starting chapter seven but I am on the move and I hope to be at chapter ten by tonight.

Anyways, that's all I have for today. Word of advice: Embrace the child in you, opportunities pass you by all the time and make sure you take advantage.

Peace, Love, and Harmony.
Happy reading!

Kelley Lee

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Black History Month Everyone

Well today is the start of Black History Month, how exciting! I have to tell you I am a big supporter of this month. I still believe that racism, stereotyping and prejudice is still very at large here in America. Regardless of who has been elected as president.

I feel that it goes beyond Black-America and to all the minorities. How long ago has it been since Pastor Terry Jones oversaw a Qur'an burning because of  9/11? Please, tell me what the Qur'an had to do with the 9/11 attacks...Absolutely nothing! I would really hope that the land of the free would be beyond racial stereotyping and prejudice but, I still see it everyday. At my school or work, while grocery shopping or even driving. It's everywhere.

This February I am making a pledge to myself to stand up for any type of injustice I see. Whether it be in response to a racial slur or prevention of someone being made fun of. I hope that everyone will take this moment to really consider what we are facing today. The longer we stay segregated from one another the longer we are at war within ourselves.

Africa is a beautiful country and this month we take notice to all the people who have ancestry from this vast and wonderful land. This continent is as diverse, if not more so, than the very continent the United States lies on. I really believe that acceptance of all ethnicity's is possible. We just need to stop seeing the world through narrow lenses and open up our eyes to the people we are underneath our skin.

Black history month is always a time of celebration for me. There is not only the celebration of black history but, it's the month of love. (My best friends birthday also happens to be in this month too!) I know that with this added inspiration I will be sure to get a lot of writing done. Hopefully, I will have finished through chapter eleven by the time the month is completely over.

I hope you are recognizing your goals this month and making sure you put up a fight for what you believe in. There is nothing more important that standing up for yourself and those around you. It's what makes us stronger, standing together. I know Tamiko would never stop fighting for what she believes in, and I know there is at least a small part of that courage in all of us. So embrace your inner Tamiko and don't let your beliefs fall behind you. Say hello to anyone of any race. In fact, stop seeing people as black, white, Spanish, Asian, etc... all together. Just see the people.

This picture I am just adding because I saw it and thought it was funny. I do not mean to offend someone by posting this picture here. What I feel it is literally showing, is that the people being racist are small-minded. There is no difference in the brains of people based on where they come from, the only difference is when you choose to see something in a small minded sense. Being different is a way of life, if everything and everyone were the same or "assimilated" we really would be a depressed and sorry lot. The fact that we have differences makes us beautiful. So if you sometimes catch yourself in a small act of prejudice, take the time to mentally correct yourself. Life is about change, we change from a child to the time we are adults. It is how we grow, it is how we learn.

Happy Reading, Happy February, Happy Life!

Kelley Lee

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ahh Rhythm

Ahhh yes, rhythm, what a wonderful thing. I feel like if my life were a movie, this is the point where everyone would break out in song. I finished chapter six yesterday and did my read through so it could be sent out to be edited. I felt so cool. Like I should belong in the Rhythm City group over there --->

Anyways, so I even started my mind set on chapter seven. I wrote the first sentence, it may not seem like much but just opening myself to the document was really significant to me. It was like telling myself Did you see that shit!!! Dayumm girl you just wrote chapter six in like four days when chapter five had taken you fifteen days, way to keep your ass moving on seven! I apologize for the "French" words but when I talk to myself I need to cuss myself out with encouragement in there to keep me going.

So here we are 'writing experience' last time we got to about chapter...nothing, we were just writing. Now we are all the way to chapter seven and we are still moving strong! Awesome.

Very important thing to comment here is that I found my rhythm! So, for all the inspired writers out there that are hoping to become that kick-ass best selling author, it is VERY important to find your rhythm. I am just discovering it for myself. Now, does that mean that I am going to be an award winning all means, no. It just means that I have hit my stride with my book and now I know it is going to be finished, that I am going to love it and that no matter what this book flows. So I encourage those that want to be a writer that just cant seem to find there funk to search for their rhythm. A reason you may not be finding it is because you haven't found the story you love yet. I am not saying you have to live, breathe, eat and sleep your characters but you do have to love them. Love them enough that they may even become a multiple personality of yourself. Tamiko is soooooo my alter ego. She is the part that is head strong and resilient. When I feel like I am invincible and just want to beat my point out there...that is all Tamiko. I may be the person calling the shots but, I know where my best character-pal Tamiko is at all times.

Keep up the funk!!!
Happy Reading!

Kelley Lee

Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 6...Unfinished

Don't you just love a good superhero. I know I do. They are strong, bold, brave, and intelligent. Most of them have bodies that seem physically impossible to nature but that is something easily overlooked. I have always been a fan of superheroes whether I watched them in the movies or imagined them inside of my head.

Currently Tamiko has taken over my brain and has become the ultimate realistic superhero. I wanted to make her unbelievably strong and fast, while still cunning and intelligent. But, I wanted her to have the personality of someone you feel like you know or could know. She is just a normal girl on the inside. She has fears, but she still does incredibly remarkable stuff.

She is the realistic superhero, the modern mystical fighter. (She gets to be mystical because she is part vampire.) Tamiko is your high school best friend, or maybe even that girl that you always thought was cool, but never really got a chance to get to know. Basically, Tamiko is who I would want to be or who I would want my friend to be. But, I couldn't overlook things like vulnerability. No one is perfect, everyone has a weakness, which is what gives the villains a fighting chance. Tamiko is just an average girl who does some pretty spectacular things! I hope once I finish this book everyone will be able to see the girl that Tamiko is and care for her as much as I do!

Progress Report on Writing:
Currently I am in the midst of chapter 6. Not all the way done but semi-close. If I had to put a number on it I would say I am about 3/4th of the way through. I was able to get some writing done at my mom's church yesterday so I wrote some stuff down on paper and I have yet to type it up. I can't wait to share my story with the world!

Happy Reading and Happy Dreaming!

Kelley Lee

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Stone Guardian

Can you say BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love it. This is the cover of The Stone Guardian. It is the first book in a trilogy written by my dear friend Theresa McClinton. This is her first novel. I am so excited that she is about to enter the world of indie authors. 

I have to tell you Theresa is a superwomen in the disguise of a mother and housewife. What is her superpower you ask?? Well that would be...Writing!!! Duh. (Did you see that one coming?) This novel is beautiful inside and out. It will be available soon as an ebook in March. I personally cannot wait to buy it even though I have read it already. It will be great to have it on my nook!

So let me tell you a little about The Stone Guardian. Meet Ashley, she suffers from night terrors and lives in an orphanage that doubles as a school and psychiatric center for youth in Ohio, with her best friend Tara. One night a fire alarm goes off and this leads Ashley and Tara deep into the surrounding woods after a small child they believe is lost from the crowd.

The little girl ends up possessing a secret power of an ancient species, the Riyata. This leads to Ashley and Tara waking up in a foreign land, Belize. There she meets many other Riyata, who will mean great importance to her future. She discovers that she is a descendant of this ancient race and has inherited the title of the stone guardian. It was passed down to her from the mother she never knew. Convinced that this is a part of her destiny to uncover the truth about her past, she sets out on a mission to stop an evil sorcerer who has stolen the stone she was destined to protect. Relationships and bonds begin to form, when a former love from her past ventures back into her life and disrupts the peace she was growing used to.

Ashley finds herself stuck in the middle of two great men, unable to determine her feelings. Meanwhile, the mission of recovering the stone brings her all over the world and threatens those she loves most. Some may not make it out this mission alive....changing life as she knows it, forever.

If that doesn't sound good to you then man I don't know what will. So I invite you to look up her website, there is a link above and if you click here you will find it again.

Happy Reading!

Kelley Lee