Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Black History Month Everyone

Well today is the start of Black History Month, how exciting! I have to tell you I am a big supporter of this month. I still believe that racism, stereotyping and prejudice is still very at large here in America. Regardless of who has been elected as president.

I feel that it goes beyond Black-America and to all the minorities. How long ago has it been since Pastor Terry Jones oversaw a Qur'an burning because of  9/11? Please, tell me what the Qur'an had to do with the 9/11 attacks...Absolutely nothing! I would really hope that the land of the free would be beyond racial stereotyping and prejudice but, I still see it everyday. At my school or work, while grocery shopping or even driving. It's everywhere.

This February I am making a pledge to myself to stand up for any type of injustice I see. Whether it be in response to a racial slur or prevention of someone being made fun of. I hope that everyone will take this moment to really consider what we are facing today. The longer we stay segregated from one another the longer we are at war within ourselves.

Africa is a beautiful country and this month we take notice to all the people who have ancestry from this vast and wonderful land. This continent is as diverse, if not more so, than the very continent the United States lies on. I really believe that acceptance of all ethnicity's is possible. We just need to stop seeing the world through narrow lenses and open up our eyes to the people we are underneath our skin.

Black history month is always a time of celebration for me. There is not only the celebration of black history but, it's the month of love. (My best friends birthday also happens to be in this month too!) I know that with this added inspiration I will be sure to get a lot of writing done. Hopefully, I will have finished through chapter eleven by the time the month is completely over.

I hope you are recognizing your goals this month and making sure you put up a fight for what you believe in. There is nothing more important that standing up for yourself and those around you. It's what makes us stronger, standing together. I know Tamiko would never stop fighting for what she believes in, and I know there is at least a small part of that courage in all of us. So embrace your inner Tamiko and don't let your beliefs fall behind you. Say hello to anyone of any race. In fact, stop seeing people as black, white, Spanish, Asian, etc... all together. Just see the people.

This picture I am just adding because I saw it and thought it was funny. I do not mean to offend someone by posting this picture here. What I feel it is literally showing, is that the people being racist are small-minded. There is no difference in the brains of people based on where they come from, the only difference is when you choose to see something in a small minded sense. Being different is a way of life, if everything and everyone were the same or "assimilated" we really would be a depressed and sorry lot. The fact that we have differences makes us beautiful. So if you sometimes catch yourself in a small act of prejudice, take the time to mentally correct yourself. Life is about change, we change from a child to the time we are adults. It is how we grow, it is how we learn.

Happy Reading, Happy February, Happy Life!

Kelley Lee


  1. I really appreciate this entry, for more reasons than one. Yes, I am Muslim, and your opening example of prejudice applies to me, as well as everyone who was outraged by his ignorance and stupidity. As a Muslim, I would never even consider taking a holy book such as the Bible, Torah or any other book that compiled someone's beliefs and destroy it, damage it or defile it in any way. People disagree on religion, it has been the cause of war since the beginning of time. Still, we can all agree to disagree.

    Racism is something I have always harbored a deep deeded hatred towards. I am European mixed, and my grandfather on my father's side, T.K McClinton, was a slave owner, as was his father. I have seen pictures of his plantation and the slaves who lived there. Nothing outrages me more then seeing the importance or value of human life gauged by the color of your skin. We are all, quite literally, 99.9% genetically identical. Your statement that we should look past skin color is so very true because factually, there is NO such thing as black, white, Asian or any other racial label. Whether you believe in Creationism or Darwinism, human beings all stem from the same small group of people. Through adaptation, we have changed appearances, skin color and features. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article! I will make the pledge with you!

  2. All white people are racist. That brain picture is a joke.