Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ahh Rhythm

Ahhh yes, rhythm, what a wonderful thing. I feel like if my life were a movie, this is the point where everyone would break out in song. I finished chapter six yesterday and did my read through so it could be sent out to be edited. I felt so cool. Like I should belong in the Rhythm City group over there --->

Anyways, so I even started my mind set on chapter seven. I wrote the first sentence, it may not seem like much but just opening myself to the document was really significant to me. It was like telling myself Did you see that shit!!! Dayumm girl you just wrote chapter six in like four days when chapter five had taken you fifteen days, way to go...now keep your ass moving on seven! I apologize for the "French" words but when I talk to myself I need to cuss myself out with encouragement in there to keep me going.

So here we are 'writing experience' last time we got to about chapter...nothing, we were just writing. Now we are all the way to chapter seven and we are still moving strong! Awesome.

Very important thing to comment here is that I found my rhythm! So, for all the inspired writers out there that are hoping to become that kick-ass best selling author, it is VERY important to find your rhythm. I am just discovering it for myself. Now, does that mean that I am going to be an award winning novelist...by all means, no. It just means that I have hit my stride with my book and now I know it is going to be finished, that I am going to love it and that no matter what this book flows. So I encourage those that want to be a writer that just cant seem to find there funk to search for their rhythm. A reason you may not be finding it is because you haven't found the story you love yet. I am not saying you have to live, breathe, eat and sleep your characters but you do have to love them. Love them enough that they may even become a multiple personality of yourself. Tamiko is soooooo my alter ego. She is the part that is head strong and resilient. When I feel like I am invincible and just want to beat my point out there...that is all Tamiko. I may be the person calling the shots but, I know where my best character-pal Tamiko is at all times.

Keep up the funk!!!
Happy Reading!

Kelley Lee


  1. I love this! Finding your flow is so important. You are clearly a writer! I can't wait to reach your book! :D

    1. Ha, thank you! I cannot wait till the book is completely finished so I can get it out there for everyone.