Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thanks for the Killer Personality

There is one character out there that has truly stuck with me as that WOW factor. Written by Richelle Mead in the epic series Vampire Academy is Rose Hathaway. She is everything you want to be yourself and more. I absolutely loved her character. Although, maybe I didn't love all of her choices. *Cough Adrian cough, cough* However, her character has still inspired me throughout. I have a lot to thank for the person that Tamiko is because of Rose. She is strong, smart, impulsive, not afraid to say anything, plus she can kick some ass.

I really wanted to give Rose some credit and of course by default Richelle Mead credit for creating such a wonderful character that really made such a lasting impression on me. I hope someday I can have a half, I would even settle for a quarter, of the WOW factor that Rose has made.

So bravo and thank you!

Happy Reading

P.S. Please read the Vampire Academy series followed by the Bloodlines series. They are truly fantastic reads.

Kelley Lee

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