Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year a New Start

So I am back to it. Writing for me has been a very difficult challenge. I have completely revamped my idea and now I am on to a completely different story then before. Say goodbye to Emory and Hello to Tamiko.

Right now I have two chapters completed. My friend is borrowing me her NewNovelist3 program so I am able to keep everything organized. On another happy note I found a picture that reminds me of my main character. Her name is Sofia Boutella and she is a professional dancer. I picture Tamiko a little more meatier than Sofia but her overall facial appearance is similar to what I see.

She is beautiful right! So this is my main characters image that I am going for.

I am very happy that I have picked up my metaphorical pen again and am getting back to the writing game. I love to read and get wrapped up in a story so I hope to share that with at least one person of my own story. I hope someday Tamiko touches someones life the way she affects mine. I have a great friend who is beta reading for me as I am for her. She is wonderful and has been my main motivation for getting started again. She wrote her novel in a little over a month and I read it over and edited it to the best of my ability. She is a wonderful writer and really has been the path leader for me on this journey. I feel like I cannot quit now because I have had such a great role model to lead the way. I would never want to let her down. So as she beta reads for me while she is in the process of trying to get her novel published AND writing her second novel I am attempting to make it through my first.

My schedule so far is to try and complete one chapter a week. So two weeks in I am two chapters complete with the third started. My idea is steadily forming and developing. My plot is getting stronger. So I hope I can let Tamiko shine and not let her down. Now back to writing...

Happy reading and a Happy New Year!

Kelley Lee

P.S. My new years resolution is to finish this novel by the end of the summer! Wish me luck!

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