Friday, August 26, 2011


Yes, this week was Back to Campus week for me.  I have to tell you I have successfully completed my first week back to college.  It was interesting to say the least, I am taking two really awesome classes and three other so-so classes.  But what all this means is that I have been SLACKING on my writing.  Also I have been slacking on my posts!  Oh No!  Anyways now that my schedule is organized and down to a new rhythm I will be picking back up my lucky pen, and I will be back too it!  Thank you very much for those of you that have been patient with me during this last week.  If you had been there with me you would know how hectic it has been! 

So I would like to introduce you to my main character.  Emory meet my followers, Followers meet Emory.  There you have it the big reveal!  My main characters name is Emory!  I will be back tomorrow!  It is off to the notebook!

Happy Reading!  (During this hectic week I managed to re-read Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and I started re-reading Kissed By and Angel!  Talk about priorities ;))
Kelley Lee

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