Thursday, August 18, 2011

All YA Heroine's Look Alike

Is it just my opinion or do all characters in YA books look the same?  I feel that they are always the girl next door type.  They have soft delicate features, with a sweet face and big round eyes.  They can be fierce and determined, never giving up on what they love or believe in.  I am not hating on this image they portray I myself even resemble the homey girl next door.  I just want to be sure I am developing my character correctly.  I want my character to be fierce, beautiful, graceful but dangerous.  That dangerous side I want to be evident not in the intimidating way but in the way that makes people notice and sort of stand in awh. 

I do not want her to be cruel by any means or make people think that by her having a more severe look to her but I do not want to fall into the traditional route of her being the innocent girl next door. 

A lot to think about :)

Looking Away From the Girl Next Door!
Kelley lee

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