Monday, August 15, 2011

Sticky Notes

Yesterday was STICKY NOTE SUNDAY!!!! I went over all of my scenes, my plot and most importantly my outline, but I did it with sticky notes.  Did you know that sticky notes were originally intended for siding of a boat, I am glad they figured it out before they took that boat out to sea.  Anyways back to my post, I wrote everything important about my book, the scenes Emory is taken through and each step throughout the book.  I put them all down in the order that I thought I wanted them and then, I completely ignored my book for the whole afternoon.  I read, I ATE :) but most importantly I let my mind breath for awhile.  So when I looked at it later I had fresh eyes and a well rested brain.  I found that some things went better and sounded smoother if I reversed some of my scenes and it all really felt like everything was falling into place. 

Late last night I also had a talk with my friend and we discussed in detail my idea about my book.  I think this is a great practice because not only does it make your story more real, but it generates ideas as you are bouncing the topic off another person.

Today I have to work from 8:30 to 4:30 but I will be going STICKYtastic on my break and when I get off!

For those of you readers out there Happy Reading and for those of you that don't read....well Happy Day :)

Kelley Lee

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